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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring needs. Explore our healthcare flooring solutions designed with patients and care staff in mind.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

We know how important it is for a retail business to stand out. Explore floors that enhance the customer experience and contribute to a strong brand image.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors contribute to a memorable guest experience for leisure or business travelers. Explore floors that can provide a touch of world-class design and comfort.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The right choice of flooring can transform a house into a home. Bring your interior design to life and explore our large selection of floor colors and textures.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Sporting events, wellness centres and gyms offer a healthy outlet for people of all ages. Explore floors that provide safety, comfort and athletic performance.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

It is key for the transportation industry to use products that meet the most stringent market requirements. Explore our dedicated standard and customisable solutions that are especially engineered to meet these requirements.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors for industry and Life Science to create productive and clean spaces.
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The world is facing increasingly complex sustainability challenges. Overcoming them is no longer an important ambition, it’s an urgent imperative. At Tarkett, we’re committed to a sustainable, circular economy that creates value for everyone, closing the loop on waste, preserving natural resources and reducing our impact on climate change.

Indoor Sports

Lumaflex Energy Omnisports Compact - Uni NIGHT BLUE

High performance multi-sports & multi-use solution !

Our Lumaflex Energy sub-construction is combined with Omnisports Compact to achieve high sports performance and resistance to light multi-use.

Ideal solution for multi-sports up to competition level thanks to 15mm real wood sub-construction made exclusively from birch, that provides comfort and performance for enhanced sports experience.

It offers high resistance to point loads (up to 800kg) and heavy rolling loads (up to 500kg) thanks to unique double Tongue & Groove interlocking system, Lumaflex Energy can accommodate non-sportive events (tables, chairs, etc…) without the need of any floor protection.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Product type: Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings
Wear layer thickness: 0,80 mm
Total thickness: 32 mm
Total weight: 13800 g/m²
Surface treatment: Top Clean XP
Roll (1 ref.)

Carbon footprint (Cradle to gate)

 11.70 kg CO2/m2

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  1. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND LONGTERM SAVINGS - Omnisports is backed with a single surface embossing combined with TopClean XP surface treatment.
  3. DYNAMIC COLOURS AND REALISTIC DECORS - High definition printing for a realistic wood surface appearance and built-in unis for higher color intensity.
  4. OUTSTANDING DIMENSIONAL STABILITY < 0.10% - Extremely tough single glass veil reinforcement.
  5. HIGH PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY - Homogeneous calendared sheet made from up to 60% recycled vinyl.
  6. RESISTANCE & STABILITY - Lumaflex Energy panels 15mm thick made exclusively from birch with unique double tongue & groove interlocking system provide extra resistance to point and rolling loads as well as maximized stability.
  7. COMFORT & PERFORMANCE - Tarfoam 60, 15mm polyurethane foam for maximized comfort and enhanced game experience.
  8. EFFECTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST HUMIDITY - Our polyethylene film Tarfilm, protects the floor system from vapor ascending from the ground.
Technical and environmental specifications
About Lumaflex Energy Omnisports Compact