Rest+Art exhibition

Rest+Art, the untold story of circularity

What if we started over?

When others see rubbish, we see potential. Potential to create new with old, a chance to make a resource valuable again, never letting it go to waste. 

What if we see something else?

To promote this story of circularity, Supersky ignites creativity with another view of Tarkett materials offering you to reach into a fantasy world where waste and materials are sublimated.  We invite you to experience the raw beauty of Rest materials now as Art. We invite you to be inspired and to imagine new possibilities.  We invite you to Rest+Art.

Discover our Art pieces

Bean bag filled with recycled fluff from used carpet tiles
Circular painting made of RECHARGE carpet tiles

Fluffy cloud

A real sitting bag, transparent to show it's filled with recycled carpet fluff. A result from the innovative
recycling process designed by Tarkett.  This sitting bag shows a different way of re-using recycled materials.

Materials: fluff from recycled carpets, handmade & knitted recyclable synthetic cover


Being a softer and tactile surface,  carpet tiles make a great and playful material to re-use into a touchable artwork. This circular painting is cut up from actual Desso Recharge carpet tiles.

Materials: cut up carpet tiles on wood

room dividers and stools made from wood and linoleum floor

Au naturel

Mixing different materials and colours, in this case Lino and wood, is a rare sight. What makes these room dividers more special is the use of the backside of the linoleum flooring on the other side, showing the actual product in two ways.

Materials: wooden framed boards with linoleum covering in a solid wooden frame & wooden stools with linoleum seating

Homogeneous flooring used in art piece
recycled vinyl granules compressed in an art piece

Expressive Lines

The vinyl homogeneous flooring is  fit into intertwined curves and lines that are cut into wooden boarding to create a playful and magical scenography.

Materials: homogeneous vinyl flooring and maple wood

Granulate Waterfall

Post-use waste from old vinyl flooring is shredded into small granules, washed then dried. This compressed art piece  shows the fresh and rough base material, from a distance you see shades of blue, from up close the rough tactility is almost a rocky landscape. 

Materials: recycled vinyl granulates in shades of blue on a wooden structure


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