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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring needs. Explore our healthcare flooring solutions designed with patients and care staff in mind.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Comfortable, clean and long-lasting floors contribute to better learning at all ages. Explore flooring solutions that are designed for educational facilities.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

We know how important it is for a retail business to stand out. Explore floors that enhance the customer experience and contribute to a strong brand image.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors contribute to a memorable guest experience for leisure or business travelers. Explore floors that can provide a touch of world-class design and comfort.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The right choice of flooring can transform a house into a home. Bring your interior design to life and explore our large selection of floor colors and textures.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The definition of the modern workplace is changing. Explore our broad portfolio of flooring solutions that are adapted to new ways of working and collaborating.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Sporting events, wellness centres and gyms offer a healthy outlet for people of all ages. Explore floors that provide safety, comfort and athletic performance.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

It is key for the transportation industry to use products that meet the most stringent market requirements. Explore our dedicated standard and customisable solutions that are especially engineered to meet these requirements.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors for industry and Life Science to create productive and clean spaces.
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Tarkett is committed to Doing Good. Together.

The world is facing increasingly complex sustainability challenges. Overcoming them is no longer an important ambition, it’s an urgent imperative. At Tarkett, we’re committed to a sustainable, circular economy that creates value for everyone, closing the loop on waste, preserving natural resources and reducing our impact on climate change.

PAD 10
All Accessories | Finishing

2 In 1 Cove Formers & Capping - PAD 10

Cove formers & cappings are PVC profiles that provide a neat cove allowing floor coverings to be dressed up to the wall to form a skirting, thus offering an integrated solution. 2 in 1 Cove formers & cappings are compatible with homogeneous & heterogeneous vinyl rolls (both in compact & acoustic versions).

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Length: 2 m
Items per box: 20
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Excellence Genius loose-lay solution: quick to install, easy to recycle

Discover new Genius loose-lay vinyl flooring, specially designed for quicker installation and complete recyclability. Made of heterogeneous vinyl, this no-hassle, glue-free product is ideal for new buildings or overnight renovations as it can be installed with no glue, and directly on top of a variety of subfloors, reducing installation time.

Genius Loose-lay flooring

Need more design choices?

You can ask for any design from the Excellence collection to create a customised and unique look.
To order, the reference code will be:

  • For Acczent version: 25223xxx
  • For Tapiflex version: 25226xxx
  • The last 3 digits are the last 3 numbers of the corresponding reference code for the desired Excellence glue down design - refer to the Excellence collection page.
  • Minimum order quantity: 800m2
  • Production lead time: 3

Tarkett’s Excellence Genius flooring is compatible with other Excellence ranges: ProtectWALL, Tapiflex Stairs, Acczent & Tapiflex Platinum and accessory collections.

    Genius Loose-lay design
    Technical and environmental specifications

    Featuring dementia-friendly designs

    A large part of our Genius collection is dementia-friendly, easing orientation and aiding spatial perception so that residents can get around easily and manage better on their own.
    These floors are designed to convey warmth and familiarity, helping residents feel positive and well by creating comfortable, cosy and homey spaces for residents, visitors and staff alike.
    Use the specific filter available to identify the Dementia-Friendly approved designs.

    Excellence dementia friendly
    About 2 In 1 Cove Formers & Capping